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About Dr.Jerath Herbal Healthcentre

Founded and established in 1944 by renowned experienced physicians Dr.Purushottam Lal Jerath and Dr.(Mrs) Prem Rani Jerath who were educated in Ayurvedic mode of treatment and medicines processing and dispensing under Guru-Shishya paramparaa (Teacher-Disciple learning system) as prevalent in their times. The couple in due course of time simultaneously founded a drug manufacturing unit in Yamuna Nagar in the name of Yamuna Pharmacy with the land allotted by Haryana State Government.Sons Dr Satish Jerath (G.A.M.S.) and Mr. Sunil Jerath (B.Pharm- Ay) joined to augment family line business in 1972 and 1977 respectively.Mrs Sunita Jerath (B.Sc-Med) wife of Mr. Sunil Jerath took the charge of analytical laboratory in the firm in 1988.Grandson Mr.Saurabh Jerath (M.Sc- Medicinal Plants) and his wife Dr.(Mrs) Shallu Jerath (B.A.M.S.) further joined in 2002 and 2006 respectively...

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